K.G. Orphanides

writing, narrative design, audio development,
code made of gaffa tape


Sunder demo cover image
Demo: Sunder

The first part of a fully-voiced interactive poetry cycle in classical hexameter. This is a playable vertical slice, including a single narrative core with three unique endings.

Test of Virtue cover image
The Test of Virtue

A fan-made character class test based on the character creation process from Ultima VI: The False Prophet, released in 1990 by Origin Systems.

Winter's Heart cover image
Winter's Heart

An interactive greetings card, a heartwarming festive story, and an exploration of what waits for us in the cold dark.

The Road to Adventure cover image>

The Road to Adventure

Hunt monsters. See the sights. Be a hero.
An extensively commented Twine game, written to accompany a tutorial in The MagPi. Hosted on itch.io.

Eight characters image

Eight characters, a number, and a happy ending

A parser-based science fiction text adventure about memory, victory, and loss. Hosted on textadventures.co.uk.